Client: Zagat (formerly Zagat Restaurant Guides)

Zagat is the guide to top restaurants in major cities around the US. Their online platform features reviews on the hottest restaurants, reservations and full menus.


The client contacted me as they were familiar with my travel work, which included a mix of interior, architectural, food and lifestyle photography. They were looking for a versatile photographer that was able to shoot a variety of subjects all with keeping a consistent style using natural light. They needed someone that could produce and shoot multiple locations in one day. They signed me on for 21 locations in New York City and Atlanta, GA.


Honestly, I did not have a whole lot of experience photographing food and beverage, however, I love a good challenge! Food and beverage photography is much harder than it looks. I experimented a bit with finding the perfect angle and had to really get in tune to my skill in the use of available light. When presented with a (delicious!) pile of cheese fries (pictured above) it can be hard to capture such a dish to be attractive and delicious. For such difficult dishes, I used props throughout the restaurant to help style the tabletop and worked the camera angle. All and all, I am really proud of my results.

Final Product:

As requested, I delivered 15 final images of each restaurant, provided a variety of food and interior photographs. The client then selected 5 photographs of each restaurant to use exclusively on their new app and website.

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