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Westin Austin | Spike Lighting

Travel and hotel photographer Leslie Parrott is known for her lifestyle and architecture photography. Leslie works freelance and is based out of San Jose, CA, and Silicon Valley, currently photographing for clients Worldwide.

Client: Spike Lighting


Spike Lighting creates custom lighting pieces for the high end hospitality industry.


The client was looking for on site photography of their custom lighting pieces. It was important for them to maintain a visual consistency across all marketing platforms. Their preference of clean, colorful, environmental interiors led them to my work. The client ended up signing a contract for 14 locations (hotels, restaurants, casinos) in 13 different cities. Having one photographer shoot multiple locations allowed for the style to remain consistent for all imagery. A very clear shot list was provided, including technical drawings, for each photo shoot. While the client was not on site for each shoot, communication was constant throughout, especially as challenges arose on location.


When you are not shooting for the hotel or restaurant it is not possible to close down high traffic areas during business hours. Those businesses were however very accommodating and likewise we had to be flexible with timing. For example, the restaurant was able to plan their seating of guests around our shot list. And for hotel lobby shots, I would have front desk personnel duck behind desks or hide behind pillars while I was taking each shot. This way they were nearby and ready for any guest(s) that needed attention but were temporarily still clear of the shot. Customers always come first in the hospitality industry.

Final Product:

Spike Lighting received portfolio images for their newly redesigned website, including shots that are used for design elements. The photographs are also being used for traditional sales & marketing materials, social media and editorial.

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