Client: The Educated Observer

The Educated Observer is a quarterly magazine with a focus on news in higher education. Its parent company is Observer, formerly The New York Observer newspaper, now an online-only newspaper at


I had been shooting stories for the Observer and the photo editor contacted me to photograph a cover image for The Educated Observer. The story was on the new medical building at Hofstra University. The photo editor requested architectural shots around campus.


The building in which the story was based on was actually not built yet. I instead provided the photo editor with a variety of shots that could be used for the cover without needing the actual building.

Also, a huge snowstorm came in the day I was supposed to shoot. This became comical to us because the photographs were to be used for the Spring issue. The photo editor needed it to look like Spring! The sun cooperated that morning with melting some of the snow and I had to photograph around large snow piles. I was actually standing on top of a four foot snow pile for one of the featured photographs.

Final Product:

The photo editor received a photograph for the cover and ended up using a few more photos from the shoot inside the editorial.

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