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SL Green Realty Corp.

Leslie Parrott is a travel, hospitality, resort and hotel photographer based out of San Jose, CA, and local to the San Francisco Bay Area.  She works on assignment for hotels, resorts, restaurants, industry leading magazines and brands, photographing architecture and interiors, food and beverage, product and lifestyle.

Client: SL Green Realty Corp.


“SL Green Realty Corp. is a fully integrated real estate investment trust that is focused primarily on acquiring, managing, and maximizing value of Manhattan commercial properties.”


The client was looking for a photographer who could photograph their properties and the surrounding neighborhoods in New York City. Their retail focused brand needed photographs for a new website, portfolio and marketing materials. They asked for architectural shots of specific properties, lifestyle and some general detail shots with a focal point on retail/ shopping.


Two challenges arose from the multiple photo-shoots. First (expected) - it was cold! New York City in the winter is vibrant with holiday festivities and travelers. However, everyone (including myself) was bundled and warmth tends to trump style. That said, shooting lifestyle using the general public passing by on the city sidewalks provided the challenge of spotting well dressed individuals in such weather conditions. I dressed appropriately (not fashionably, as I was not in any of the shots) and camped out on corners waiting for the best scenario of people to walk by within the composition I had setup. Some neighborhoods were easier than others… which brings me to my second challenge - Trump. Yes, President Trump. No worries, I am not going to get political here. But photographing anywhere within a five block radius of President Trump’s Trump Tower in Midtown New York City was challenging. Between protestors, media, police, tourists and solicitors, it was difficult to have any clear shot of a number of properties. For example, the Prada store photograph, I shot this in a more artistic composition which eliminates protestors signs, police cars and barricades, as well as media crew and their trucks. In order to take this photograph from across the street, where the main entrance to Trump Tower is located, I had a conversation with a very understanding New York City policeman. It was comical because most people on the block were trying to get photos of Trump Tower and I was trying to get photos of across the street. This photograph is now one of my favorites from this collection and now I can look back and laugh about it.

Final Product:

The client was happy with the variety of photographs and purchased all photographs for use in an image library. The photographs are being used on the client’s website and in marketing materials to showcase their commercial retail properties in New York City.

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