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Hilton Garden Inn NYC

Leslie Parrott is a hotel photographer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and currently photographs for hotel clients worldwide. She not only photographs architecture and interiors but also lifestyle and product photographs that often coincide with capturing the hotel experience. Leslie's travel photography background allows her to provide branded content specific to the end usage while capturing the imagery that the consumer can relate to. A luxurious hotel experience is illuminated with the use of natural light and real life settings. Leslie’s shooting style has an emphasis on color and light which creates consistent, original, eye catching imagery. Leslie photographs interiors, exteriors and lifestyle for the Hilton Garden Inn located in Midtown New York City.

Client: Hilton Garden Inn New York City/ Midtown Park Ave


“Hilton Garden Inn is a brand of mid-priced, service focused hotels owned by Hilton Worldwide.”


The client was looking for a pretty straight forward hotel photoshoot of their interior spaces. Over the course of two days we photographed the lobby, communal rooms, two bedrooms, the room bathroom which featured a shower door, two business meeting spaces, the exterior as well as a few notable detail shots. It was important for the client to showcase excellent business accommodations. The client was very organized with directing guest traffic while the photoshoot in the lobby was taking place (always a high foot traffic area). The hotel had recently undergone renovation and needed the photographs for their website and marketing.


This particular Hilton Garden Inn is located two blocks from the Empire State Building in New York City. This is definitely a selling feature for staying at this hotel and I wanted to make sure we captured this in the exterior shot. While 33rd Street provided heavy traffic as well as unsightly parallel parking, I scheduled the photoshoot to begin at 4:30am (first light was at 5am that time of year). Using a tripod, wide angle lens and HDR processing, I was able to capture a sexy shot of the front entrance which included the entire Empire State Building in the background. I did have to ask four delivery trucks to park down the street (instead of in front of the building) and a few bystanders to move down the block. While this was a difficult shot, it was one of the most important.

Final Product:

The client received a number of interior and exterior photographs displaying their beautiful new renovation.

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