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Enjoy Technology

Professional photographer Leslie Parrott shoots interiors for Enjoy Technology in Palo Alto. Leslie is based out of San Jose, CA, and local to the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Client: Enjoy Technology, Inc.


Enjoy Technology, Inc. is a rapidly growing technology company based out of Silicon Valley - they provide online commerce and other various tech and retail specialties.

“Enjoy is founded and led by Ron Johnson, former Head of Apple Retail. Alongside is an executive team from leading retail, technology, and design organizations, such as Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.”


The client approached me to photograph their brand new headquarter office in Palo Alto, CA. They wanted to capture wide sweeping shots of all the main spaces with the use of natural light. The intent was to highlight the new working space. They requested that I provide 4-6 edited “hero” images on the day of the photo shoot.


Squeezing in the photo shoot between completion of construction / setup and the grand opening party meant that I was on call that day. The client booked me for the day so this did not disrupt any other work. We started shooting later in the day but the Enjoy team was all hands on deck and very organized which made for a seamless and timely photoshoot.

Final Product:

The client was very pleased with the process of the photo shoot from start to finish. They liked being able to see every shot displayed large on an iPad before it was shot. This allowed for ease in communication to implement their vision. The client received proofs in their inbox before I left location and by the time I got home they had selected “hero” images to be edited. Those “hero” photographs were delivered that night for them to share before the grand opening the next morning. All photos will be used for portfolio, website and social media marketing.

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