Client: Appear Here

Appear Here provides an online platform to discover and book short-term retail spaces in London, Paris and New York City.


The client approached me to photograph destination guides of specific locations in New York City. In order to maintain a visual consistency across all the guides (as each photographer was location based), I was asked to shoot only, then send over unedited RAW files that were then edited in house. The client provided a brief which described the type of images they were looking for, including examples, and a detailed shot list for each location. They requested a retail focus, decorative closeups, wide-angles, and candid shots of shoppers and shopkeepers. Additionally, the client sent screen grabs of my work that they particularly liked and that fit in with their brand aesthetic. With such detail provided, it was clear the shots they were looking for with each photo shoot.


With any outdoor photo shoot, the weather is always a factor. While the client had tight deadlines to get the shots, they were also understanding when it came to factors that were out of our control. They preferred exterior shots to be on sunny days and therefore were flexible regarding the day and time of each photo shoot. Such flexibility allowed me to focus on the task at hand.

Final Product:

The client did a beautiful job with maintaining visual consistency in regard to post-production. The photographs are being used for Appear Here’s marketing, website, social media and editorial platforms.

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